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Whether you are a venture or non-venture issuer we can help make your regulatory obligations easier. We offer flat-fee services for public companies which include:

  • Private placements
  • SEDAR filings
  • Preparation of Annual or Special Meeting materials
  • Press release preparation or review
  • Migration between exchanges
  • Quarterly financial statement filings
  • MD&A & AIF review or preparation
  • BAR reports
  • Going Private Transactions
  • Share for Debt filings
  • OSC, Aequitas NEO and TSX/TSXV submissions
  • Dissemination of press release
  • Acquisitions of assets or subsidiaries

If you are looking to reduce your costs of corporate finance transactions see how we can help.

Let us help you reduce your ongoing costs of being a public company. Find out how our fixed-fee approach can work for you.